10+ Awesome Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of those beauty must haves that we all have in our drawers, not only for our favorite mani pedi sessions but also to keep some of our most hated faux pas at bay, like scuffs in our shoes and stopping that annoying run in our hose. 

Now, Clear nail polish is not only great for sealing that freshly painted manicure but it's also amazing for other fashion and beauty emergencies, and is even a great helper around the house. So with that being said, I rounded up 10+ of the greatest uses for clear nail polish!

 Check them out and share what your favorite use is!
other uses for clear nail polish

Secure your buttons in place
Coat the thread of your button to keep that baby from popping off. Also, dab a small amount on thread if you have a tough time threading your needle, it works wonders!

 Prevent jewelry tarnish
If I had known that a single coat on my cheap jewelry finds would've prevented that god forsaken green ring I would've saved my self from throwing a handful of cute pieces away. Lesson learned. 

Prevent fabric fray
There's only a few places where I can tolerate fabric fray, one of which is denim, so a dab here and there on newly cut fabric keeps that fray at bay. Also, seal your shoelaces, ropes and lace with a swipe of the clear polish.

Bug bite itch
As crazy as it sounds a little polish on a bug bite keeps that obnoxious itch at bay, plus it can be used as a liquid bandaid. 

Stop the run in your hose
I'm pretty sure we all know this fashion saver, but just in case it had to be added to the list...

Keeps your eye/sunglass screws in place
If I had a dollar for every time I parted with a pair of sunglasses because I lost the loose screw on the frame I'd probably be one step closer to a millionaire. A dab on the screw seals that baby in tight preventing you from calling it a loss. And this isn't just limited to glasses, it tightens household screws  too!

Waterproofs matches and labels
A dab on the tip of the match can keep it from being destroyed at the very touch of moisture. Also, give all those important labels staying power with a swipe here and there. 

 Keeps belt buckles shiny
Seal in that shine with a coat of clear nail polish.

Envelope sealer
Skip licking every last envelope and swipe a coat of nail polish to do the trick for you. 
We could all go with out that Seinfeld (George Constanza) moment, am I right?

Prevents rusting
Rust is not only an eye sore it can be dangerous with the little people around the house so nail polish can be a great fix for those items, like bathroom metals (shaving cream, etc.), chipped car paint and nuts/bolts/screws. Also save your screen tears with a stroke or two - perfect for people with an annoying cat like mine.

Ok, How many of these did you already know?