This Week..

Since I feel like I'm losing track of time up here, I almost forgot it was the weekend! There's something about this mountain 'living' that makes me want to sleep all day and watch the leaves fall. Luckily, I get to do so while laying in bed with my grandmother and talking about all of our memories and the boys. 

I'm not the only one getting acclimated to being here, Todd (the Cat), is loving his time outdoors during the day. Nighttime is a different story, apparently he was spooked by a large wild animal a few nights back causing him to pee in my suitcase the following night. Lesson learned, by both parties involved. 
I've become obsessed with these Hello (Products) toothpastes, especially the pink grapefruit mint, it's surprisingly refreshing. 
 Again, this combination is get a lot of play. I'm really loving this skirt.
 Stay tuned tomorrow for a quick and easy apple recipe!
Happy Weekend.