This Week STLFW Edition

Rugolee Studio
 Just in case we aren't fully aware (from me blowing up instagram) that I've been spending the last few days in St. Louis for Fashion Week with a dozen or so of extremely talented bloggers, you are now.. We've been lucky enough to be flown out and spoiled throughout the last few days while catching some extremely talented designers and meeting the original (NY) Fashion Week founder Fern Mallis. 

With that all being said this weekend's This Week is going to be a jumble of our happenings since arriving on Thursday, forgive me for picture overload and for missing a couple events, my phone died immediately after I got off the plane. Classy. See you guys next week, and if you're in St. Louis, don't forget to stop by the Neiman Marcus/CUSP event I'm hosting Today from 1-3pm!

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Samantha Pleet
Laura Kathleen
Jennifer Chung
 Brunch With Brown Shoes feat. these fabulous boots from Vince and Fergie.
The Arch
Pop Art At The Art Museum