Tarte Beauty Gifts Under $40

By now I’m pretty sure we all know about Tarte cosmetics, I’ve personally been a fan since I switched to my Para(blah)ben free lifestyle a couple years ago. The reality is my skin was just so sick the chemicals, and would damn sure let me know how it felt. We’re much happier now. Oddly enough I’ve found Tarte’s products to have a strong and lasting power, I use the chubby sticks absolutely everyday and can’t get enough of their every growing lip selections. I will say, that even their cheeks give me all day glow, which on most days I need. Now, I haven’t gotten a chance to try their ‘face’ products but that is more than likely to change in the future because I have the beauty change up itch and am always on the hunt for good coverage.

So, with that being said, I thought with the holidays coming up the best way to get in the mood for gift giving (and getting) would be to start rounding up a couple favorites in mini gift guide form starting with Tarte. These four favorites are bound to get a happy recipient, after all who doesn’t love to play with beauty products?

Also, they’re all under $40!