St. Louis Fashion Week Round Up

 I know posting has been a little sporadic lately, mainly because I wasn't a good girl and didn't schedule posts before I left for St. Louis or after. Then as soon as I get home I dropped everything and left for the mountains to be with family. So I'm running a little behind everything while I try to adjust to this change in our lives. 

So on that note, I had a couple of requests for St. Louis details, which was a ridiculously fun time, or should I say fun tyme (the inside). Kicking off from Friday we got to brunch with Brown Shoes and learn a little bit more about the brand. Then toured the city with our awesome party bus and Muzio.
 Later we headed to Saver's for a little thrifting in which I came home with two (new) spiderman costumes for the boys, they were thrilled and actually have yet to take them off.  Then we stopped off at dinner to do a little more bonding.
Saturday was full of department store fun, starting with breakfast at Saks and a presentation from Tess Giberson. 
 Then I was off to host the Neiman's Cusp runway show, which was obviously, a blast. I loved seeing all my favorite girls.
Later that night we headed out to see catch a sneak peek at the Queen within exhibit. I feel like I need this dress. 
All in all it was amazing, I got to meet some of my favorite bloggers, connect with girls who have been reading my blog for 'what seems like forever' and build relationships that I never knew possible. So, Thank you Alive for bringing me out, having me host and giving me this opportunity. Also to all the amazing bloggers I met, you all really made this weekend what it was (and I apologize for not naming every single one of you).

All Images (except the last) c/o Amber Jolvon