Printmixing Pencil

It’s no secret that I love to mix a print or two on a given occasion, especially when an animal print is involved. So of course, this week’s challenge with T.J.Maxx had to be all about mixing prints, which clearly made it all the more fun, am I right? I didn’t get too crazy this time around, I kept it slightly conservative especially after finding this amazing pencil skirt with the new arrivals. It practically did all the work for me, it was almost too easy just to throw it on. On the rack to the fitting room it was love, and for an unbeatable price (plus the jersey material is like butter). 

I quickly snapped up a leather(ette) jacket to give it a bit more edge and paired it with a cute shell and an embossed pair of pumps for a little more texture. Slightly casual and spot on with Fall’s favorite trends without having to splurge. The whole look was literally under $100. Eep!
Aside from the print mixing finds, the store was stocked full of designer deals, as well as plenty of beauty buys including my most recent steal, today’s bold red lip. And don’t even get me started on all the handbags and shoes (though I haven’t been so lucky with sizes), you might’ve spied a few beauties during one of my routine trips via Instagram

Stay tuned for next week’s T.J.Maxx style, we’re going full into layering for fall. 

Expressing yourself through fashion, and knowing how to put together a great look—at great value, is what being a Maxxinista is all about.  At T.J.Maxx you can score the unexpected to make your own personal style statement. Here’s to rockin’ your real deal.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by T.J.Maxx.