Love Of Layers

Fall has always been my favorite season. I love the colors, the crisp weather complete with pumpkin spice (and my new favorite, caramel) everything, and the ability to just pile layer upon layer to complete a look, er, stay warm. Though, I will shamelessly admit I layer during the 90 degree summers in FL, it's completely impractical I know, but I love every sweating minute of it. For me it just feels more put together, and I can never resist fun knits from head to toe. Lucky for me I'm spending this season in actual fall weather so I got to bundle up for my final T.J.Maxx challenge, which is in case you haven't guessed, is all about layering. You can find the first three here, here and here in case you missed out the first time around. 

Now, before I go any further I have to say I spent more waking time in T.J.Maxx stores over the last month than I ever have before, and it was worth it. I stalked handbags (people, we're talking major designers at a great price), beauty finds and of course all of my newest high end fall wardrobe additions, weekly. Ok, don't judge it was more like daily. 

As for this look, I decided to go for a classic prep with a grey blazer and simple skater skirt and edge it up slightly with print mixing, a knit hat and a bold lip. Perfectly dressed down for even the coziest of occasions.

Shirt, Hat Target, TJMaxx
Spot any amazing finds at your local Maxx lately?
Expressing yourself through fashion, and knowing how to put together a great look—at great value, is what being a Maxxinista is all about.  At T.J.Maxx you can score the unexpected to make your own personal style statement. Here’s to rockin’ your real deal.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by T.J.Maxx.