What's In My NYFW Weekender

Since packing is obviously consuming my life right now (even with the help of my mom), I thought it would only be fitting to share what's in my weekender for NYFW. Since I'm going to be gone for a little over a week I opted to use a weekender as my carry on purse for the plane especially since I'm hoping off my flight and heading to dinner & event straight from the airport. Shoes (blue pair here) and bauble were an obvious necessity and pairing for my amazing Cassidy Weekender (Even my mom was all over it). 

Next up I need an excess amount of sunglasses, a belt, emory board and a hair tie or two for fashion emergencies ( I just realized I forgot safety pins, you need those too!). Tresemme Fresh Start & Neutrogena Naturals Face Cleanser never leave my side, they come everywhere with me. Need to touch up that smile in a flash? Crest Whitestrips Vivid, perfect for commutes or in the morning when you're getting ready.
 Statement necklaces and your trusty name necklace are just at home the compartments of the bag for quick access.
 Since I'm going to have a beauty closet of my own during my trip, I'm only packing necessities , like these smolder eye sticks and this fun palette. 
 Business cards and lip color is obviously a must. (I got my cards here, this design.)
Don't forget bobby pins for quick and easy hairdo's, a Clarisonic to keep you fresh and of course blister bandaids to soothe your tortured feet. 
What are you must haves for traveling?