This Week...

For the last couple of days I've been preparing to speak at Blogger Brilliance, so I've slacked a little bit on getting my 'this week' in order (who am I kidding, I'm not ready for next week either, nor do I know what I'm wearing for said speaking engagement). On the plus side my nails are painted, so we're moving forward, right? 
Ok, moving on to carbs, because obviously. Before you get all impressed by my baking skills let me disclose that this is actually just baked pizza dough from Whole Foods (the reality here is that I'm not very good at getting it to look like pizza, so: end result). It's actually amazing, so you're welcome.
This jacket an amazing steal for only $6, is surprisingly a little hot for right now (though it is cooling down, thank god). Obviously the impractical person inside me insisted on wearing it all last week during said heat wave, including to brunch for my husband's birthday. As you can see, I got fancy. 
Speaking of birthdays, this gal's is coming up and nothing quite says Happy Birthday like freebies from Sephora. It's making turning 27 a little more bearable. 
And last but not least, a sneak peek at tomorrow's recipe. Guesses?

Happy Weekend, If you're going to Blogger Brilliance, See you there, I'll be the one with the thrown together outfit.