easy waffle recipes
Last week you saw I got some new dough to try from Immaculate, and I couldn't wait to whip up the cinnamon rolls. When Sat. morning came around I went down stairs while the boys where in the shower and popped open the can. I opened the oven and saw David was already making eggs at 250˚, I didn't want even mess with that...I thought about it for a minute and realized the waffler maker, I've seen it before on a million publications and just figured you just pop them in, right? Right. I sliced each one in half since my maker is a little smaller then most, and voila, waffles when they all came downstairs. Ps. these are absolutely mess free!

Cinnamon Roll Waffles
Can of Cinnamon Roll Dough With Icing
Waffle Maker
And Non Stick Spray
cinnamon roll waffles
 Slice the rolls in half, and coat the waffle maker with non stick spray. Add a roll for each side and press.
 Let them cook according to your waffle makers setting, about 3 minutes.
 Ice those babies! 
 Voila! Breakfast in a snap!
cinnamon roll waffles