BeauCoo, A New Social Platform for You

Let’s face it, we love looking at pictures, whether it’s in a magazine, on our favorite blog or scrolling through Instagram, it’s our somewhat guilty pleasure. Reality is, we love pretty things, and pictures help feed that indulgence. So when I heard about the up and coming social style network for women, I was intrigued, because again, pictures. BeauCoo has created a place for women to connect with ladies of all shapes and sizes, all in the form of sharing your style.

Looking for some style inspiration from someone who has your body type? Done. Since not all women are created one size fits all, you can check out and connect with your “fit matches” and see what they’re wearing. When you sign up your can add you’re measurement and you’ll be able to search your body type. Plus it’s a one stop shop to check out what’s ‘flying off the racks’ and see where to get that amazing skirt or jacket you’re loving on the girl who just so happens to be your exact size. Hello, new trend and brand spotting

There’s also an app for Iphone & Android to keep you connected on the go. Snap a couple “Selfies” (we’re all guilty and it’s ok) while shopping or getting dressed, and share. Get some feedback without the added judgement, and unnecessary negative comments. End result, it’s just another excuse to connect, which in reality, we all love. 

Would you try it out? Don’t forget to check out my profile when you sign up, so we can follow each other! Join the conversation by using #BoPo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!