5 Beauty Products To Love

In the past I haven't really been one to try an array of beauty products, maybe here and there I'll pick a new nail or lip color, but lately I've been on a mission to find amazing products that are paraben free. 

For me, makeup and beauty becomes limited because my skin gets irritated by the propyl, methyl, and ethylparabens used in my favorite beauty products. However, companies are becoming more and more aware and creating products that are just as amazing (if not better). So I did a little testing this month, and these 5 products were my absolute favorites, ranging in price from $8 to $75, these babies offer a little something for everyone. Check'm out...
stila convertible color review
This was an absolute life saver during NYFW, between my aching feet and sore legs this more than made up for it. Slather on a little before bed and you wake up practically a new woman. And while it's a bit of a splurge, a little bit goes a long way in this 4.9 oz bottle. If you're doing a lot of walking in heels, I'd recommend in A New York Minute.

This deep blue with a touch of shimmer is one of my Fall favorites, and have had a hard time taking this color off since it works so well with just about everything. Plus at $8, it's easy to justify skipping that mani, and grabbing a bottle (plus a little something extra).

I'm all about a full brow, but in reality I'm lazy and don't have time to play fill in the blanks. However this one sweep brow volumizing brow gel is exactly what I need when I'm in the mood to channel brow goddess, Brooke Shields. I'm serious, it does wonders.

I've never been huge on cream 'colors' - Once a 'cheekers' gal, always one. However, this color goes on smooth and actually gives a gorgeous, flushed look over your makeup or without it. And if you're looking to just grab one thing and go, it's a great lip color as well. One stop shop, yes please. 

Got a pesky scar or some stretch marks you just aren't loving? This cream's secret ingredient is derived from human umbilical cord serum, and while I'm sure most of you are cringing, it actually works. I tried on a couple scars on my face without mentioning a thing to my husband and couple of weeks later he asked what was different. Bingo.

What are you loving this month?