Pizza Bites

Pizza, what's not to love about pizza? It's a delicious doughy crust with a slather of tomato sauce and heavily topped with cheese, it's my kind of deal. I'm especially fond of the fresh take and bake's at Whole Food's, they're amazing, and that crust, admirable. I even got so bold and bought the dough in hopes that I was going to create something equally as magnificent, I later realized I'm terrible at rolling out dough so I decided that there's always the "bites" route. It take a lot of the stress out of the whole I can't make a pizza pie deal, and well it's fun to roll dough into balls. Turns out, they're just as good and more fun to eat!

Pizza Bites - Yields 13
1 Pkg. Refrigerated Pizza Dough (Whole Food's is under $2, Delightful AND Savvy)
1/4 Cup Mozz. Cheese, cut into bite sized pieces - cheese sticks work too..
1/4 Cup Of The Sauce Of Choice 
Optional : Additional Toppings 

 Preheat Oven to 400˚
Roll out the dough and remove 2'' pieces, roll out and lay on pan. 
Top with a smidge of sauce and a slice of cheese. 
Stretch the dough over until enclosed.
Bake until cheese bubbles out and dough is slightly golden (5-10 Minutes...)