In Review: Clarisonic Mia 2

I'll admit I've been lagging on jumping on the Clarisonic bandwagon for quite sometimes mainly with the concern that my uber sensitive skin just can't withhold that kind of awesome. My poor skin can barely handle a St. Ives scrub these days, though it does love a more sensitive approach, ie: my aspirin mask. But when got some expert advice from my go to beauty expert StyleIt, I thought it was about time to give it a try. Surprisingly enough, this was just about the time when QVC offered to send me one, obviously it was a sign. So I went with it and opted for a print, which I love (and they have more). It came with a few extra products which were nice, and I'll have to go into those on a later day, because today is about this magical brush. 
clarisonic review
I really only feel like I need a a few words to really sum up my experience, and those are, pretty much everything that everyone raves about it, it's all true. I love how it feels on my face, and have to resist the urge to keep pushing the power button over and over. It's obviously softer than I originally thought, I was thinking microdermabrasion intensity but this is like a gentle brush pulsating over your pores, which by the way, are smaller! I kind of wish I hadn't waited as long to jump on board, but I'm glad I finally have, because we're have a special relationship, one that I plan on lasting for quite sometime. 

So if you're still wondering about jumping on board, I'd recommend it, it's well worth the small investment - which in reality is like a facial or two at a spa and is totally doable considering you can opt for less after using this baby.

Tell me about your favorite beauty regimens, are you a Clarisonic gal?