5 Ways To Wear Sandals

As a native Florida girl I’ve worn my share of sandals throughout the years, I practically lived in flip flops throughout high school, though I spent more time at the beach than studying, so it makes sense. And while I don’t wear them as often as I used to there’s something nostalgic about a pedicure baring sandal during the summer, and not just for the beach.

For me, If I’m going to rotate my heels out for a flat it better be quirky, and fit my eccentric bohemian style, which got me thinking on how far a sandal really can go, style wise that is. With that being said it only felt appropriate to explore 5 ways to wear sandals for summer with the help of some footwear inspiration at Reef.com.

Of course, first on the list had to be The Beach Babe, only because it’s the most obvious, and we all love swimwear, right?
Throw on a pair of cut offs with your favorite (printed) bikini, top with an oversized straw hat and finish with a cute part of embellished sandals. Don’t forget the reading material.

As for The Risk Taker, pairing your tribal inspired t-straps with a graphic tee, tailored shorts and a bold blazer is the easiest and possibly the most comfortable way to make a statement. Don’t forget the structured bag and sleek sunnies.

For the fringe lover, a simple white dress embellished with a tassel necklace and golden bangles is probably the most classic choice for a bohemian gal. The crochet details sandals and fringe bag adds just enough texture and color to bring the look full circle.
And then there’s the minimalist, sometimes a simple maxi is all we really need, throw on a red lip, a pair of t-straps, and a classic pair of sunglasses and we’re resort and brunch ready.
And since cut offs really are the shorts of the season (even I’m wearing them again), it was no surprise that they made two appearances on this round up. This time we’re going a little more tailored with a crisp blouse, colorful woven sandals and pops of neon. It’s no wonder this is a trendsetter’s summer go to...
Now tell me, what’s your favorite way to wear sandals?