5 Ways To Wear Denim Shorts

It's obvious, these last couple of months we know what I have on my mind, and that's denim shorts. An extreme 180˚ from last years feminine high waisted shorts these babies have won me over, mainly because they're so Florida appropriate (that's a first for me..). So when I got an email after last week's 5WTW requesting I round up my favorite denim shorts looks, how could I turn them down...really? 

Here's My Top 5 Ways To Wear Denim Shorts 
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1. With A Simple White Tee and A Pop Of Color
 2. With More Denim
 3. With A Frilly Blouse and Strappy Heels
4. With Prints and A Blazer
5. As A Canvas for Print Mixing
How do you wear Denim Shorts?