Hometown Hotspots With Fuze: Sarasota

While I love the big city life filled with events and happenings we currently live in a smallish town on the water in Florida. And while both our careers cause us to be away, my husband and I often consider ourselves homebodies, we'd much rather spend time at home with our kids than go out and about every day (or weekend). Although we're quite involved with renting a moving and ordering take out, we do have some what of a routine with our own personal hotspots in Sarasota. 
Whether it's on the beach or on a lush park, we're always about a good picnic. We grab our favorite picnic blanket, pack a bag or stop by Whole Foods to stock up and are off. There's just something about sitting on a blanket and watching the boys run around that is so nostalgic, It quite literally my favorite thing to do. Our Favorite spots are Island Park, Lido and our most recent discovery the median at St. Armand’s. 
Other outing favorites include the Farmer’s Market every Saturday with fresh pastries or they’re specialty popsicles (my favorite are the mexican chocolate). And of course while we love everyone’s favorite coffee stop, we adore quaint little hole in the wall’s like the Coffee Loft which is surprisingly, a non profit for charity. Since beach time is always on the menu because we’re so close, we often find our selves at Lido as opposed to ‘everyone’s choice’ Siesta Key, we just find it less touristy and more homelike.

Now that you know my at home secrets, you have to tell me yours..

What do you love about your town?

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