DIY Natural Face Powder

DIY Makeup
Every now and then I'll run out of makeup and find myself in need of a little extra something before heading out for errands or snapping off a few pictures. I often don't have time to drop everything to run out and replenish my stock, however I have learned a few tricks on keeping myself 'covered' until I actually do have time do to so. One of which is whipping up your own face powder to wear alone or to set your makeup. I've actually fallen in love with this and only occasionally use my other stuff, and considering that it only takes a couple ingredients you're bound to have it lying around your house. It's perfect for keeping you shine free and those feisty pores covered. Best part, no added chemicals. 

Now, I would strongly suggest you use organic products but since I ran out and only had these babies, they worked just fine. 

Here's What You Need:
2 Tbsp. Corn Starch
1-2 Tsp. Cinnamon or Cocoa Powder To Start 
(I used cinnamon, and need about 4 Tsp's to match up to my fair complexion)
In a small bowl add the corn starch, here's where I went wrong the first time (ie: for pictures), I didn't use a sifter, I urge you to use a sifter otherwise it's not as fine. You can wait until the end and sift it all together if you please.
Next add the cinnamon (or cocoa) and mix.
Continue adding cinnamon until  you find your desired color..
homemade face powder
And Voila! 
Kitchen Beauty
Dust off excess powder and apply to face, alone or over makeup...
diy shine control powder
And there you have it, DIY Powder in under 5 minutes! Would you try it?