5 Ways To Create Your Own Wall Art

When it comes to home decor there's something that's just so fulfilling about creating something of your own, with that personal touch. While I love things that are already done for me I'm always up for adding my own special quirks to things, especially when it comes to filling up space on walls. Everything from creating my own abstract paintings to hang around the house to using accessories for decor, I've done it and have found it's much more fulfilling that stocking your cart, and checking out.
So I've put together a handful of my favorite wall art inspiration that you can get done in a jiffy, and on a tight budget...

How do you create your space?

I've been talking about doing this for what seems like months now to a huge blank frame sitting behind my lamp on my desk, I'm glad someone finally did it just to kick me into gear and get organized! Love this idea, and so easy!

(sorry for my instagram quality..)
I really needed something to fill a blank space on my wall above my desk, and was immediately inspired when I was trying on hats in front of my mirror. It just seemed so effortless and gave the right amount of pop to the wall. I've been in love ever since...(Push Pins and Fabulous Hats is all you need!)

There's something so simple and chic about this, and I swear I'm running out this weekend to grab hangers to recreate this look. And it's functional too!

My mom and I have actually done this but with smaller canvases, I loved playing with textures like leather and chiffon and have been happy with the results. This one is especially fabulous because it's brilliantly colored and the perfect size!

My grandmother sent me a page from a past magazine excerpt on tearing out pages and making wall art on a huge oversized canvas and placing behind your desk. While I cannot find the original on the internet, I was equally inspired by this adorably executed room...Hello New Wallpaper!

Would you try these?