DIY Jimmy Choo Anouk Degradé Inspired Pumps

DIY Ombre Jimmy Choos
I remember the first (and er, so far only) pair of Jimmy Choo's I ever bought, I was 21 and the Eliza just had to come home with me, I didn't even flinch when I handed the gal at Sak's my card, $600 and something dollars later I strutted out of the doors and rushed home to put them on. It was love, and since then I've always had a special fondness for all things Choo. 

So, when I saw the Jimmy Choo Anouk Degradé Pump in Marie Claire a month or so ago I almost died, and knew that I could absolutely DIY them at home, and that my friends, I did. Turns out a 1/4 can of spray paint and a (old) pair of pumps later I succeeded with just as I set out to do.

Looks like my spring just got a little pre-Fall at a fraction of the $750 price tag.
DIY Jimmy Choo Ombre Pumps
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DIY  Jimmy Choo Anouk Degradé Inspired Pumps
 Jimmy Choo Anouk Degradé
jimmy choo prefall diys
Do It Yourself and Send Me Pictures! Xo.