Elizabeth Grant's Vitamin C Face Peel

With the end of winter in sight we're all ready to give our skin a little boost, so when Elizabeth Grant sent over her Vitamin C Peel I was quick to jump on board because let's be real I am over the dullness of winter. With that being said I gave it a whirl, and saw what this baby could do....
What they say it does: Exfoliates away dead skin cells and evening out the skin tone, helping to resurface the skin for a silky soft, beautiful complexion.

What it did: Sticking pretty true to it's description my skin immediately felt smoother, and refreshed. I'm not sure if it seemed brighter but the dead skin cells were definitely sloughed away. The scent was on target and not too overwhelming. As far as exfoliation goes it wasn't tough on my uber sensitive skin, which is something that doesn't happen too often. 

Would I Use It again? Absolutely, and for $30 it won't leave me feeling guilty afterward.

Alright ladies chime in on your favorite exfoliants!