6 Easy Recipes To Try

easy recipes
I feel like easy has become such a dirty word when it comes to cooking, it's often associated with being unhealthy. Obviously that's not the case and sometimes easy just needs to happen. Take for instance this week with abnormally long days with the boys, by the end of the day I was not in the mood to go on all culinary for them. So I opted for quick and easy makes, things that I could get done with little effort and obviously something I didn't have to fight for consumption (pick your battles people, eesh) like my Mac and Cheese. With that being said, I'm rounding up 6 of my favorite easy recipes that will make your life easier in a pinch...

easy recipes
Interchange ingredient for various holidays, serve at get togethers and praises will be sung, plus the only requirement is boiling water!

easy soup recipe
It's pretty much still winter in some parts so a little hearty warmth could do the body well without having to make chili all week, and of course liquid cheese makes my life happy. well, any kind of cheese. 

black bean burgers
These babies are quick, full of flavor and protein. Added bonus, gluten free!

easy breakfast recipes
I literally have made this non stop to skip out on cooking eggs every morning for the boys, and lucky for me it's all they've asked for. You throw together fruit, eggs, oatmeal and nuts and you have amazing breakfast 'cake'. Plus if you show it off to your friends they'll be pretty darn amazed.

easy vegetable recipes
I know I make a variation of this at least twice a week, add in any veggie for a little variety. You will love that it's a 10 minute recipes - this is my best friend.

With all these meal pairings it has me craving a little bit of dessert...

easy snack recipes
This is quite literally the most popular and viewed recipe on the site, and for good reason, it takes a matter of minutes and you're instantly in bite sized apple pie heaven. If you haven't tried these yet, you're deprived. Switch it up with Peaches, Pear or even Strawberries!

How do you keep it simple on those need for Easy days?