The Smart Watch, I'mWatch

When it comes to technology my husband and I tend to wait out the ‘bug’ life when things first launch, I mean it’s easier to buy the product after all the bugs are fixed then to be the first one to go through all the frustration of things not working properly, right? 

So when I was introduced to i’mWatch, I was intrigued on how it was going to be the perfect substitute for my phone and how I could make it work for my lifestyle. Turns out this Italian made smart watch, isn’t your ordinary watch it connects to your bluetooth and gives you everything on your phone from your emails to twitter, to photos and even music, from your wrist. Let’s be real here this might be the best thing since sliced bread (for me), because looking at the amount of the time it takes me to go through my purse to even find my phone, I can just skip that process and look directly at my wrist and see what I need. Even talking on the phone while driving just got easier, now you can nix holding that phone and keep both hands on the wheel while chatting during your commute home. 
It’s a little sportier than my other watches, measuring at 40.60 mm wide, but this baby packs a punch with 4GB memory, built in speakers, and an impressive picture. And if B&W isn’t quite your style there’s plenty of colors and metals to choose from, making it just as stylish as it is useful. And with prices starting under $400, it may be a bit of a splurge but this past week it’s more than paid for it’s self in use. 
Now, of course I couldn’t resist styling it to fit my needs and for some reason leather pants and my drop waist sweatshirt dress just seemed to be the right fit for the job.
Tell me, would you guys get one?

Disclosure I was gifted an I’m Watch and compensated for this post, like other posts all opinions are 100% honest and my own.