This Week..

Is it just me or did this month just fly on by, this week alone just slipped through my fingers, I literally had no idea yesterday was friday until I woke up and realized I posted the wrong post and skipped this week's 5WTW. Oops! In any case I finally got my Intimint order, I bought this, and I am in Looooove! (Get 50% Off With Entire50)
This morning the boys and I whipped up some Cinnamon Sugar Cheese Strudel (Recipe Here, Done in 15mins!) ...and I think this was the best yet, we added brown sugar to the mix. Delightful and so, so bad for fitting into my romper above ;).
I also started planning my centerpiece for the holidays with pinecones, I feel like life would be better if they were dipped in gold and coated with glitter, is that just me?
 Of course no week is complete without raiding my Dad's Orange and Tangerine trees, these have to be the best I've ever had. At least winter in Florida brings these babies.