Clear Skin With Baby Quasar

I've been suffering from acne since around 12 years old, it started off small and then throughout high school it became more hormonal and went on and off. Since my first pregnancy it's been on full time, and though I've made a ton of lifestyle changes like diet and how I treat my skin which has made a whirl of difference it would seem that there are some stubborn spots that have trailed behind. Luckily when I met the people from Quasar at LuckyFabb, I knew I had to try it, so I opted to try the Baby Blue Quasar, targeted for acne and clarity. The product itself delivers premium and innovative Light Therapy devices to professionals and home users, with only a few quick treatments a week. Unlike the other in office services it's painless, has no downtime and you can apply make up immediately after. I've been using it before bed, while responding to emails and preparing for the next day, it's that simple. Just 16 minutes, and you're done.
After my first couple weeks of use, I broke out right after, though it cleared up quickly and the clarity of my skin looked better. But after I was tipped off to skipping the 'skin prep' step, it stopped breaking out and started clearing up immediately. It's been around 7 weeks and I've noticed major changes in texture, color, and clarity. I'll say it's a keeper, I'm looking forward to seeing what a couple of months will do.

Now if you're one of those lucky ladies with clear skin, but are starting to see fine lines I'd check out their Baby Quasar Plus, they're a fraction of the price of in office treatments and are easy to use at home with little effort needed. And if you're not entirely sold, Baby Quasar Baby Blue has been awarded The Best At-Home Acne Fighting Device for the third-annual NewBeauty Beauty Choice Awards. Just in case you needed another nudge ;).

What do you think? Would you try the Quasar Products...

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