Celebrating Originality With Stoli

For the last month I've teamed up with Stoli's ORGNL.TV  to chat about how art, fashion and music inspire each other, whether it's bringing together a spring collection inspired by an artist's work, or preparing your wardrobe for an upcoming worldwide tour, it's been clear that it all goes hand in hand. So with that said, Originality comes to mind, and why being yourself and showing off your true colors is so important.
Take fashion for instance, we all have our own style and choose to express ourselves in completely different ways, whether we take enormous risks or play it safe we all some how find a way to shine all  while being original. I remember being so afraid of taking risks in fear that I was achieving this horrendous faux pas and in most cases I'm sure I did, however I was expressing myself and building my style. It wasn't until a few years ago when I realized that they aren't mistakes they're actually just steps in the direction to finding your true style. And it's still ever evolving.

Fashion isn't about recreating a look piece by piece so you can be a replica, it's about stepping outside of the box and playing with colors, prints and texture.  Sure, be inspired but play around with it and make it yours, there's no fun being a copy of someone else's style, especially when you have so many ideas yourself. And yes, you do, don't over think it. Originality is about going with your gut, and as always having fun with it, it is only fashion. How do you stay original?

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