5 Ways To Wear A Black Pleated Skirt

Sometimes it's hard to move past certain feelings on articles of clothing, like me, I can't even go anywhere near a denim skirt these days, among many others. It often seems these pieces can't move past their bad wrap, take the black pleated mini, obviously the first thing to come to mind is "school girl"...But as it turns out it can be so many, many things and quite possibly one of your more versatile pieces. Turns out this typical black pleated mini I snagged for $20 from Nordstrom got so much more wear that just classic school girl chic.

Here's 5 Ways To Wear A Pleated Mini...

1. With Prints and Color
 2. With An Oversized Or Draped Shirt
 3. With Chambray
4. With Tights & Boots
 5. With Over The Knee Socks And Scarves For A New Take On School Girl Chic
How Do You Wear Them?