After cleaning the house this past week I stood in my closet for a good hour just staring at (nothing really, aside from rows of) my clothes just baffled on what to wear. I mean this happens far too much to me, I have a "clothes explosion" while trying to find something to wear to somewhere silly like the grocery store or the post office. Eugh, some days being a Libra (with Virgo risings) is a curse, because like most things in life I'm undecided. So for maxi monday, I'm peplumed, laced, printed and draped...because you know, I was undecided.
 beauxx.com skirt, old navy sweater, dolce vita shoes, laughping shirt, vintage clutch & belt, forever21 and vintage necklaces.
And to go with the theme of indecision, braids and a topknot...