Feeling Fair Isle with Fraas

For the last couple of weeks this gorgeous pink Fair Isle inspired Fraas infinity scarf has been sitting on my desk just begging for cooler weather just so it can be worn. So finally today it rained and cooled things off just so I could wear this baby right on down to the store..I know the cozy knit and bright hue, not to mention the infinity perspective. You may remember me gushing over these (here, here and here) scarves from Fraas, to this day I have yet to be disappointed. 
What do you think, are you loving the Fair Isle Inspired Scarf? And if you're not feeling the Rose/Petal color, they have a little variety to choose from. Plus it's under $40!

You can find FRAAS at speciality stores throughout the country and you may order some styles directly from the company by calling 212-575-0191, via Fraas.com or Amazon...

Thank Lipton Publicity for The Scarf, As Always Opinions Are My Own.