Cooper Avenue, Not Just For Foodies

As most of you know, I'm just as much a fan of food as much as I am a fan of fashion (well, almost). So when new to South Beach interactive market place, Cooper Avenue showed up on the block it was no secret that it was going to be a hit. Bringing the public's expectations of a 21st century market place, including the likes of a restaurant, lounge, deli, newsstand, and bakery, it was clear it was the perfect upbeat, trendsetting shopping experience.
Equipping the Market with specially designed tees from local artists, along with jewelry, sunglasses, and picnic baskets, only to name a few. After the checking out the selection in the market the most obvious choice would be to hit up the bakery for signature treats and delightful coffees, I was lucky enough to taste one of their signature chocolate chip cookies and loved how it literally melted in your mouth with the layers upon layers of chocolate. Obviously, I have a sweet tooth, so one could appreciate the savory goodness.
After satisfying that sweet tooth, try the deli, if you're on the go or sit down for a bite with Cooper's diverse menu put together by Chef Wolfgang Birk. And since it was a long day, who can resist a perfectly crafted cocktail by Bar Lab in the lounge. Looking back on my analysis, Cooper Avenue is almost like an amusement park for lover's of food and drinks, which is fine by me..
So if you're ever in South Beach (Miami) looking for an experience, head over to (1661) Pennsylvania Avenue and indulge a little bit in the Cooper Avenue Atmosphere...