5 Quick, and Easy Costumes from Your Closet

Halloween just happens to be one of my favorite holidays, I love playing dress up and getting creative with ideas and costumes (I think it has to do with the whole being a costume designer thing, but I think everyone like dressing up...right?). And since I'm such a last minute lucy about costume ideas I always find myself looking for inspiration in places I look everyday, like my closet. So with the holiday creeping up on us, it brings in to question what on earth to wear and how much to spend, time and/or money wise. Now, If you're not in a mood to drop a huge budget on the festivities this year you might find yourself standing in your closet looking for inspiration for a quick and easy costume..

And since last year I gave you 10 ideas (check'm out!) to find from your very own closet, I thought to make this week's 5WTW another guide to inspiration for picking a costume from your closet... Which would you choose?

1. Rachel Zoe
Oversized Sunglasses, A Beret or Floppy Hat and Wide Leg Pants.
2. A Pinup
Think "Patriotic" With Sweetheart Necklines and Pencil Skirts (or High Waisted Shorts) - Red Lips and Beauty Mark are a must. 

*I actually did this years ago with the same shirt cropped with polka dots high waisted hot pants, one of my favorite costumes.
3. The Royal Family Members
 Frilly Dress and Homemade (or Store Bought) Fascinator - I used Flowers!
4. The 20's Flapper
 Beaded Or Sequined Dress (This dress is from the 20's - Plus!), Pearls, Mary Janes Or T-Straps, And Headband With Feather or In My Case, Bow.

*My mom will actually being wearing this exact costume to our party this weekend.
5. Go Go Dancer/ 60's Mod
 Chevron or Colorblocked Mini, Platform Boots, Lots of Liner & Lashes With Muted Lip.

*Don't Forget Bardot or Twiggy Inspired Hair
What are you going to be this year?