This Week

You ever wonder why you just didn't believe that things have a way of working themselves out, it feel like this week just some how all fell into place and I finally have been relieved of some of the stresses from my upcoming trip. whew. That and I won 2 Tickets To Fashion Week, so now I'll be covering an extra event! So thank you for who ever voted for you, it's appreciated!

On another note in the midst of packing, our condo was ripped apart because apparently our ac had a leak and decided to cause damage from the upstairs all the way down stairs, ripped up carpet, walls and ceilings - the works baby. But I'm hoping when I return it's all fixed and pretty and new, right?

And during this fabulous time Aiden decided he wanted to be the first to give my new Baker's Boots a test drive, let me tell you, the boy can strut and I'm impressed. What can I say, he is mine.
 And I got a little something from
 I induldged in a little something sweet...
 and got some fun new colors to take with me for Touch Ups from Julep - Uhm they have lip color now and I'm obsessed...