The rain and wind finally ended, and I was able to see the sun again and coincidentally I immediately got better. Whew, I thought that cold was going to last forever. I loved walking out my front door and seeing burst of pink everywhere with the new blooms on the tree (even better when the little tiny flowers drop everywhere, it's like a pink wonderland - not so great for vases - lesson learned). sent over one of their boxes for review and I have to say I'm impressed. Most everything was either paraben free or eco friendly - well done for $12. It's definitely worth looking into ladies if you're looking for  5 full sized sample of 'natural' beauty products.
 My favorites were the Everyday Minerals Glow and The Natural Touch Eyeshadow - So Pretty on!
 My Blogger Pal, Tanvi sent over these lovely earrings from her new shop Crazy and Co, gorgeous right? She knew I needed to switch up my accessories - done.
 I can't believe I forgot about my popsicle maker, now I can start whipping up these again...
 This note from TellStyle made my day, and I don't care if she's said before ;).