This Week...

Having a good mail day is always the highlight of my weeks, I mean who doesn't love getting mail? I love the idea of sending cards or little treats and surprising people. This week I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon 6 boxes in one day from upcoming posts to recent purchases. I whipped right through them sharing my goodies with the boys who were patiently watching while I opened.

How fabulous are these Julep colors? One of the fabulous perks of writing for the Julep blog
 I really needed some flat sandals, and already they're more uncomfortable and awkward than heels, I just don't know sometimes.
 Finally got my Intimint order, love their underwear - Worth $20 for 2? Probably.
 Also got a chance to have a sneak peek at Vera Wang's new junior's line at Kohl's coming this fall, the jury is still out on this one.
And of course this guy is still cool even when he's sick. I need purple wayfarers, like yesterday.
What highlighted your week?

Happy Weekend. xo