Not A Maxi

This week I sadly come to you without a maxi post, mostly to blame is the 6 days of straight rain over here leaving me no way to take my pictures outside. So this week we get to see my beach look consisting of a head scarf, cut offs and my most favorite oversized cotton blouse from Gap (circa decades ago, it was my mom's and I heard something about her wearing it while pregnant with me, I've shrunk it since then, I mean, my husband has...)

This shirt and I have a lot of history together minus the whole possible womb theory, I literally wore it all the time when I lived in NY, I used to pair it with a pair of khaki mini shorts I designed and sky high strappy sandals. I always called it my "Carrie" look as I toted myself around the city, now it's made it's self a little more bohemian, but always reminds me of the fun "fashion" girl times, though I still am "the fashion girl" just somewhere else, for now.
 shirt vintage gap, shorts target, bag steve madden via marshall's, scarf c/o scarvesdotcom, shoes target, necklace carol duplaise