DIY: Braided Cut Out Tee

If you haven't noticed I've been kind of obsessed with braids, which you've seen on my last couple tutorials so of course I thought why not take it from hair to clothes. I spotted this amazing inspiration on the ASOS site for a cut out tee  but it was sold out. Good for me, bad for husband's shirt collection. Turns out this DIY was one of my most simple and wearable yet. Did I mention perfect for Summer? Make now, Thank later. Xo.

What you need
An Old Tee - A Little On The Big Side 
Needle and Thread or Fabric Glue

1. First, cut the collar off of the shirt, then a inch or so off the sleeves (you can trim shorter later). Next, take a good couple of inches off the bottom. 
2. Cut the bottom piece into three strips, take strips and stretch them into thin string like bands, cut in the middle making them strings. Secure the top with either fabric glue or needle and thread. Braid. 
3. Sew (or Glue) the braided strap across the top of the shirt as you would like it, I measured 3in away from the sleeves on each side.
5. Take the two ends and bring them up and around the collar and secure them together and then to the back to hold up the top, somewhat like a racerback. Measure to make sure it's even. Trim wherever needed and you're done!

6. Voila! Easy Right? I guess Dave's t-shirt drawer better watch out, especially the soft knits and colors...
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