5 Ways To Wear: Printmixing

Print mixing, it's one of those trends you either have the guts or you don't. And me, I didn't have them until a year or so ago. If you would've told me then that I'd be mixing prints and posting them for the world to see I'd think you were on drugs, but somehow one day I just did it and since then It's been love. Surprisingly print mixing is actually quite easy and can be done by anyone who's willing to give it a shot, I suggest starting small and mixing a print top with maybe a print shoe or scarf on your bag, like I often do and then work your way up to mixing separates. I person have never gone further than mixing two clothing pieces and adding a scarf to my bag, past that it's hard not to look 'too much'. Don't forget to have fun! Here are 5 of my favorite ways to mix prints!

1. Print Dress & Print Scarf On Bag
*one print piece of clothing with a print accessory

 2. Print Bag and Print Scarf in Like Colors
3. Print Scarf and Print Dress in Contrasting Colors
*think blue and green, black and white, red and olive
4. Polka Dots And Stripes Always Work 
*remember like colors
5.  Big Prints With Little Prints 
*like small polka dots and big florals in at least one like color - in this case black and white.