This Week...

Is it just me or did this week just come and go, like that? We had Easter, that was somewhat a disaster with the baby and toddler choosing not to get along, oh the foreshadowing, I have a feeling my hands are going to be way more full in the years to come. Oh the joys of boys...
 I started working on some DIY Shoebox Lid Wall Art, It's crooked and I think I'm going to cover the solids with fabric...print mixing anyone?
 I fell in love with this arrangement in our dining room, it now has a tropical feel to it, and I think it's a keeper!
 I met the lovely Cate for coffee this week, and she came baring gifts from Juno and Jove for coming to the meet and greet with Kristin (here).
 I don't know about you but these tulips are brighting my room, and days, they're actually just now blooming to full gorgeous-ness...I'll tweet a picture later today!
Happy Weekend, Xo