Guest Post - How To Be A 'Yummy Mummy'

‘Yummy Mummy’ is seemingly a term reserved for the likes of Elle Macpherson and Kate Moss, but having kids doesn’t mean an end to style for us regular women either. And whilst it may not be quite as easy as Beyoncé makes it look, it’s definitely achievable for those of us without superstar salaries and armies of personal assistants. 
Be realistic
First things first – don’t aim for the unachievable. Unless you want to get up at 3am every morning to start your beauty regime, your style has to be easy to refresh. That means a haircut that doesn’t need blow-drying, styling and setting before you can leave the house on the school run every morning, and a fine-tuned make-up regime that can be applied in a couple of minutes. A clever tinted moisturiser will be your new best friend, cutting down on the time it takes to apply moisturiser and foundation. 
Accessorise like a Yummy Mummy 
There are plenty of products on the market that new mothers can pick up to make the most mundane tasks – nappy changing springs to mind – look stylish. Stores like Mamas & Papas are great places to stock up on all the essentials you’ll need in the early years of parenthood. 

Shop sensibly
As far as clothes go, the first ten years of being a mother will be better spent in high-street clobber – silk Prada blouses and the grubby chocolate-covered hands of your two-year-old will not go well together. To avoid ruining expensive clothes, try to kit yourself out in hardwearing high-street goods. 

 We are lucky enough to have a fantastic range of fashionable and stylish clothes for mothers in the UK. Think about buying some affordable and fashionable clothes that you won’t be terrified of ruining. Well-fitting jeans and shirts will suit your motherly duties best, while ensuring you still look stylish.
Cute flats are practical and look great, whilst a smart trench coat will be perfect for the school run, covering up any breakfast mess from your little ones that you may have already accumulated! 
‘Yummy Mummy’ or not, give yourself a break once in a while. Whilst you want to feel your best, any mother will tell you that it is impossible to look perfect all the time – even for Beyoncé!