This Week...

I don't think any week is complete without pizza, a package full of goodies, and of course, a new pedicure. Am I right?
Delicious Cheese Pizza from Rico's.
My introduction to the Little Black Bag, think Jewelmint meets Birchbox. You pick one item for $49.95,  say a handbag, piece of jewelry, or sunglasses, and they give you 2-4 more pieces, which tend to be of lesser value. You don't find out what the pieces are until after  you 'purchase' the bag, but don't fret, you can actually "trade" them out for up to 7 days, to find a better match. In my case I got the bag, a necklace and a pair of earrings, didn't love the earrings, so I waited for the best offer and traded them for this leopard bangle. In theory, I love the idea, especially the trading, but I'm hoping they jump on the promo code band wagon for popularity purposes. Have you tried it yet? Would you?
How perfect is this "Mint Conditon" pedicure with these shoes?