This week...

In Case you were wondering where I was all day yesterday, it turns out as I was scheduling yesterday's 'supposed to be' post before hopping the on the road for 10 hrs. my power cord bit the dust with the computer promptly shutting off leaving me with no power and no publishing. So after getting home at 6 am, we finally got around to getting to Apple store where they replaced both of our cords (seriously, they both failed within weeks of each other) and sent us happily packing...Of course since this all happened in Tampa, I couldn't resist stopping by H&M to see their spring picks, and I can't believe I'm going to say this but I left empty handed...The shame...

And as much as I loved being away and seeing my family, I'm glad to be home...
 Evan turned 10 mos. this week and showed off all his walking, waving and talking skills to my grandparents and their friends.
 First signs of Spring in Sapphire.
 Classic, yet delicious "Hot" Ham and Cheese Sandwhich.
 After wearing himself out at the playground with his new backpack, Aiden opted for an impromptu nap.
 Artisan Jewelry at the local coffee shop.
My Favorite, Hot Cocoa topped with Cinnamon.

I can't wait to share my thrifted finds with you next week! 4 Pieces under $30, 2 of which are leather, steal!