Spot The Steal - Marc Jacob's "Karlie"

On a recent trip to Target I spotted a familiar looking quilted satchel that I immediately loved. And since I was standing in a Target there was no way that it could of come from the Marc Jacobs' variety, especially with a price tag under $20.

 The Marc Jacobs "Karlie" quilted satchel runs for a mere $1300, whereas Merona's Chain Quilted Satchel clocked in at around $18. The resemblance is almost uncanny, aside from the missing "locket" on the Target version, what do you think?
Marc Jacobs "Karlie" Satchel in Black, Nordstrom $1295 (Sold Out In Pink)
Merona Chain Quilted Satchel in Black, Mushroom and Grey, Target $17.48