DIY Vintage Infinity Scarves

When the DailyBuzz asked me to submit a DIY gift idea for this month's Style 9x9 my mind immediately went to infinity scarves crafted from vintage scarves. What better way to gift your mother and grandmother than with favorite scarves from their yester-years? Plus I have a surplus just lying around..

So of course the first one was obviously going to have to go to me because my mother is a little (or a lot, really) more conservative than myself and probably wouldn't go for print mixing like I would (good thing I have plenty of solids to go around). Turns out this might be one of the most simple DIY's I've done to date and may have become one of my new obsessions, helllo thrift store hunting!

Here's What You Need
2 Large Square Scarves, In the colors you'd like
Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine (Quicker)
Sewing Pins

How's How To Make It
1. Line up the two scarves to make sure they're about the same size.
2. Lay them side by side, one scarf facing up and the other facing down. 
 Pin the two scarves together where you plan on sewing the first piece...
3. Flip over, the two end sides should be facing up (like so..). 
Sew together.
 **If  you're working with silk (and the machine) go very slow, silk snags and rips easily.
4. After the first end is finished flip it over it should look something like this..
(no end pieces showing)
5. Flip back over and repeat with opposite end. Trim flyaway threads with scissors.
And Voila! Vintage Infinity Scarf
Would you make these?