Megan Makes: DIY Jeweled Collar Sweater

When I think about holiday dressing, I always think glamour, glitter, sequins and 'jewels', so when I spotted a bedazzled collared tee at loft for over $50 I realized I clearly need to give a little 'love' to a sweater..

And who knew in a few steps, I'd have a Jeweled Collar of my own...for way less.

Here's What You Need
Jeweled Beads (I reused mine from an old dress)
Needles and Fishing Line/Matching Thread

Here's How To Do It
Line up all your supplies, lay sweater flat (make sure it's even) and sort your 'beads'.
 Next place 'beads' where you'd like them to go, play around with placements a few times to see what you like the best. 
 After your beads are where you'd like them, take one bead at a time and dab a tiny bit of hot glue on the back of each bead, trying not to get any on the thread holes.
Put the bead in place, let dry and secure with thread. Have fun with it, and rock it like it's nobody's business.

And Here's How I Wore It
sweater loft, short c/o clothes hound, tights c/o sculptz, shoes vince camuto, bag target