DIY Open Back Sweater

Open back sweaters are all over the place this season, from cardigans to chunky knits, there's a style out there for you, all for the purpose of showing off your fabulous back. So why spend "X" amount of dollars on a new open back sweater when you can easily make one in under 10 minutes from something already collecting dust in your closet.

Here's what you need...
 A Sweater
A Ruler
A needle and some thread to 'finish the seams' if need be (or fabric glue or sewing machine).
With the rule measure out from each side where you'd like you 'opening' to begin, I chose 4''. Mark with pen, and repeat on other side.
 Next, connect your marks and make a straight line on the top. Then measure from the corners where you'd like your 'opening' to end, and mark. 
Like so...
 Let the cutting begin, start in one corner and cut around your markings...
It should end like this...but be sure to 'clean' up any jagged edges.

Here's how I wore it...
(after making a tweek or two, I ended up rounding the back out a bit.)
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