5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Black Friday

With Black Friday just around the corner, ie: falling at the end of the week, it has us all deciding on a game plan. Whether we’re going out to fight the crowds or sticking to the internet in the comfort of your own home, it wouldn’t hurt to  be prepared with a few tips on getting the most of your experience. 

Here Are 5 Tips On Getting The Most Out Of Black Friday...
1.Do Your Research
Nothing is better than a great deal, but great deals can go south when you snag a “dud” because you thought you were saving on that big ticket item. Do as much research on the item you’ve set your sights on, because if an item is no good, it’s no good no matter how cheap it is. Do your homework and get the best product (in your price range), it might even be cheaper to pay a little more now and save in the future when that other product crashes out as soon as the warranty is up.
2.Browse Ads
One of my favorite things to do when the paper comes is check out circulars, ads and coupons stuffed inside. Ads are the best way to find out what’s going to be on sale for the holiday and often offer more money saving info like ‘early bird specials’ and even discounts. It also doesn’t hurt to bring the ad with you on Black Friday, just in case. 
3.Compare Prices
Don’t forget to compare prices with other retailers for those items on your list, nothing is worse than thinking you got a deal and then finding out you could of gotten it cheaper elsewhere. Make sure you’re getting everything you need, I’ve been caught buying the ‘extras’ (at an increased price) for a product when they should have come with it, and do elsewhere. Don’t get duped. 
4. Know Your Store Policies
Store (return) policies are always a good thing to know, it can be helpful when it comes to deciding where to buy. Also read the fine print on the receipt and make sure restocking fees don’t apply, or it’s just another expense.
5. Skip The Crowds
Stay home and shop online, by doing so you can take advantage of shopping Thanksgiving Day Sales all the way through Cyber Monday, plus there’s nothing better then grabbing something on sale and then using a coupon code, for deeper discounts. Who needs crowds when you have Free Shipping & Ebates.
What are you doing for Black Friday?