In Review - Luster Premium White 1 hr. Teeth Whitening

Every now and then our teeth need a little pick me up, whether you drink tea, coffee and/or wine, teeth at some point start to loose their pizzazz. And with all the whitening techniques out there now-a-days it has us all guessing on what we should do to add a little oomph to our smile, right? And since I've always had a sensitive teeth, it's been hard to find the special product that doesn't make me teeth feel sensitive after applying, even when it says it was it wont. So when Luster Premium White sent over their 1 hour At Home Tooth Whitening Light System I was a little skeptical, 6 shades in an hour and zero teeth sensitivity? I had to try it, so I did. And as promised, my teeth were whiter and surprisingly there was no sensitivity. The best part is the whole system only sets you back $39.99, how's that for staying on a budget? 

Here's How It Works - 
There's 3 parts to the Luster Premium White System, the "Accelerator" Mouth Rinse, the "Super" Whitener and the "Light". 
First I started off what with the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, and swished for 10 seconds before rinsing and applying Step 2 - the  Super Whitener. This is where it got 'tricky', you have to individually brush each tooth and re-dip between each tooth (which is actually fine, but since the 'system' recommends repeating 10x for desired results, it get's tedious).  
After applying the whitener, you wait about 30 seconds allowing it to dry before closing your mouth, next you put the "Light" up to your mouth and turn on, it goes for 2 minutes before automatically shutting off. Then you repeat (like noted above) 10 times for the desired 6 shades whiter, I went 4 or 5 times and noticed a visibly whiter smile. 
All in All I was impressed with the Luster Premium White 1 Hour Whitening System and would recommend it, especially over all 'brands' of strips. 

*disclosure - Luster Premium White provided me with their product for the purposes of this review and as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own.