5 Things To Love From Poshlocket

It's funny how things change for  you in fashion, like years ago I wouldn't be caught dead in gold or even consider stacking an arm party. Actually, I rarely wore any jewelry at all, maybe just a bangle here and a necklace perhaps. I was always under the impression that my outfit and shoes made the statement, little did I know I was slightly wrong. And since becoming a member of the blogging world I've been had the opportunity to work with many jewelry boutiques that I've come to know and love, most recently Poshlocket. 

Poshlocket is an up and coming jewelry boutique with everything from stackables for your arm party, statement earrings and even a daring necklace or two. Whether you're looking to add some "spice" to an outfit, or a special piece for an event, Poshlocket is for everyone, and their budget's. Not to mention they offer free shipping and free returns, finally a store that gets it.

Here Are 5 Of My Favorite Things From Poshlocket.

What are you favorites? Stay tuned later next week for a giveaway! XO