10 Last Minute, Quick and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas From Your Closet

It's the weekend before Halloween, which means the parties have begun but you haven't had time to put a costume together between your busy work week and everything else, don't fret, just go to your closet and I guarantee you'll find tonight's costume!

Here's 10 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas From My Closet
1. Holly Golightly 
Get your LBD, Pearls and Sock Bun for this classic number...
2. Carrie Bradshaw
Our other favorite fashionista, get your tutu and your fiercest shoes...Don't forget your mole!
3. Studio 54 Diva
Break out the sequins and heavy eye makeup for a blast from the past, you're bound to get noticed with all that shimmer!
 4. Undercover/Spy
We all have a trench coat, and this is the perfect undercover gear, don't forget the oversized sunglasses for effect.
5. Zookeeper
LOL! Enough Said...
 6. Minnie Mouse
Have a polka dot dress? This one's for you, give yourself some bun 'pigtails', whiskers and red lips and voila! you're Mickey's Special Friend.
 7. Risky Business
 Well this one is from your Boyfriend or Hubby's Closet - Oversized Button Up and White Tube Socks, Add the wayfarers and broom for the full touch!
 8. Parisian
We all have stripes, so it's the easiest in the book!
 9. Mad Men Character
Slip into something vintage, throw up a beehive and have a little Mad Men fun...
10. Hippie
Let's be real being a hippie isn't really dressing up that much given our current trends, but it makes it a heck of a lot easier. Flares + Fringe + Headscarf = Easy Halloween Costume.

Be Creative and Have Fun :D

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...Now I just need to make 4 costumes for Halloween, Wish me luck