5 Bags To Love From Dama Handbags

Handbags are one of those essential items in a wardrobe and can sometimes make or break an entire look, and since I was a little kid I wanted options, lots of options, explaining why I chose to leave the house with a few bags at a time (though I can't imagine why a toddler would need three bags, what's there to carry?). None the less, when a new handbag company catches my eye it brings back my knack for acquiring more 'purses'. 
So when I discovered up and coming company, Dama Handbags, I couldn't believe all my options. Dama's bags are either vegan friendly or recycled leather, making for more on trend eco-friendly pieces. Keeping budgets in mind, most of the pieces are well under $100, giving you luxury for a lot less. And with Fall just around the corner their collection of chic saddle bags in gorgeous rich tones of reds, yellows, and browns, has me eyeing one of each for my closet. 

Here's 5 Of My Favorite Bags from Dama's Fall Collection 
Sandra By Melie Bianco in Taupe $72
Sammy By Melie Bianco in Mustard, $80

What are you favorites?